Styling Nail Sticker (7 Types)  #06 Pink Moment

Styling Nail Sticker (7 Types) #06 Pink Moment

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Newbie-friendly: This nail sticker is easy to use, just peel off the stickers and stuck on your nails. DIY at home: With this affordable nail sticker, you can save your money and time on going to nail salon. This nail sticker has high-quality 3D art decorations, you can develop your bling bling nail designs quickly. How to use: 1. After cleaning your nails, apply base coat or the desired color of polish and allow them to dry fully. 2. Take the sticker off by using your nails or tweezers. 3. Place the sticker on your nail and press it softly so it can attach to your nail completely. 4. Finish off with transparent top coat.